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Mossfield Organic Yoghurt Natural 250g

€2.20 (Inc. VAT)
€2.20 (Ex. VAT)
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Our natural yoghurt is quite special, the only ingredients are milk and cultures. What we didn't realise until we started producing yoghurt ourselves is that while some brands state no added ingredients on their packaging what this actually means is that no ingredients other than lactic based ingredients are added - so cream, milk powder and whey powder can all be added but don't have to be declared.

Made in small batches with nothing added other than yoghurt cultures, our yoghurt has a thick creamy texture with a mild tang and is versatile product that has uses in breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. My personal favourite... Mossfield Natural Yoghurt + honey + granola + chopped up banana. Simple, quick and delicious!