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Mossfield Organic Milk 1 Litre

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While milk is a natural product most people are not aware of how much processing it can go through after it leaves the farm yard. Nearly all milk that is sold is standardised, homogenised and pasteurised.

Not Homogenised - Homogenisation involves squeezing milk through tiny holes at extremely high pressure. The purpose of which is to evenly distribute the fat globules throughout the milk. This stops the milk seperating into a cream layer, makes the milk look whiter and increases the shelf life. The process of homogenisation alters the physical structure of milk and there are concerns that by greatly reducing the size of the fat globules, proteins and natural occuring hormones contained in the milk allows these substances to bypass our bodies natural digestion process and may contribute to certain health problems. While it is hard to find conclusive evidence that homogenisation contributes to health problems, common sense would suggest that altering the physical structure of milk for largely cosmetic purposes is best avoided.

Not Standardised - even wholemilk can have some cream removed, our milk contains all the cream from when we milk our cows.

Pasteurised - pasteurisation kills the bacteria in milk, our milk is pasteurised so it is safe for children and pregnant women.

Not homogenised, not standardised, our milk is simply pasteurised and bottled ensuring that you get the full flavour and rich creamy texture of Mossfield milk.