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Florentin Organic Hummus Avocado 170g

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Description :


Organic Hummus Avocado is an extra healthy variant of the classic Hummus. The combination makes it a creamy Hummus with a fresh touch of Avocado.


Ingredients :


Cooked chickPEAS* 32%, water, avocado* 19%, SESAME paste* 9%, sunflower oil*, parsley*, CORN starch*, sea salt, lemon juice*, sambal* (red peppers*, cardamom, paprika*, CORIANDER*, cumin* ), garlic*, lactic acid (from cane sugar), citric acid, * = Organic


Nutritional values


Energy 209 kcal (875 kJ)
Total fat 18.5 gram
Saturated fat 3 gram
Carbs 4.5 gram
Sugars 1.8 gram
Dietery fibers 4 gram
Protein 0.9 gram
Salt 0.9 gram